Why Chose PBR?

Today there are more choices in ammunition than ever before and it can be difficult to choose among the sea of companies producing it these days. It seems like everyone who had a loading press in their garage has decided to setup shop, slap a label on a box, and call themselves a “precision” ammunition manufacturer. So, what is it that sets PBR apart from the pack and why should you consider giving us your business?

We believe that our line-up provides consumers with both high quality ammunition tailored to the task at hand and an extremely competitive price point. Our products aren’t the result of downloading a recipe off the Internet that some “expert” said was the best. Instead, our offerings are the result of firing thousands upon thousands of test rounds, dutifully recording all relevant performance data, and then carefully analyzing those data to find the perfect combination of components for each application we manufacture ammunition for.

If your goal is to find the absolute cheapest round of ammunition possible, then there are numerous manufacturers who can’t wait to sell you their “Blaster” or “Plinker” ammunition. If you don’t mind shooting steel cased ammunition, then load up and enjoy the smell but don’t be upset when you receive mediocre results from a mediocre product. Plated bullets, pull-down powder, blemished seconds, and inadequate quality control are all hallmarks of low quality ammunition and, generally, poor performance. Sure, using name-brand bullets, new powder, and gaging every single round costs a little more but how many jams, group wrecking fliers, and missed alphas are you willing to accept?

PBR is proud to put our name on every box of ammunition that we manufacture at our own facility. Some companies are happy to farm out manufacturing to a contract loader, whose loading process they have no control over and who may or may not produce a good product. There is no shortage of stories about kabooms from “manufacturers” who swear the powder they used was a little faster than it was supposed to be, when in fact they have no idea what powder their contract loader used. If you say you are an ammunition manufacturer, then you should probably actually be one, not a marketing firm just playing pretend with pictures of someone else’s equipment.

Every component that is delivered to PBR’s doorstep for manufacture is logged into our database for traceability, each piece of equipment we own is rigorously maintained, every aspect of the cartridge is constantly sampled during production, random samples of every lot is test-fired for accuracy and reliability, and the resulting statistics are under constant evaluation by our trained staff. Our dedication to quality is only exceeded by our dedication to safety.

When you are ready for the best ammunition your money can buy, give our ammunition a try. If you aren’t happy, we’ll do everything in our power to make it right by you. PBR is proud to say that an overwhelming majority of our business comes from repeat customers and stocking dealers because we take our trade seriously. When we say we sell Perfect Practice Ammunition™ and Perfect Match Ammunition™, we mean it.