What does PBR's Logo Mean


Our logo represents the spirit of the company. The Latin phrase encircling the PBR barrel, "Qui Desiderat Pacem, Preparet Bellum," is the first part of a famous quote attributed to Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus and roughly translates to, "He who desires peace, should prepare for war." Despite the views prevalent in some parts of society, we at PBR think that practiced skill with a firearm is a responsible measure for personal safety, and we also recognize that despite what those parts of society might think, not everyone in this world shares our desire for peace.

Carrying on the theme, underneath the PBR barrel there are two olive branches and two crossed cannons. The olive branches symbolize the desire principled men have for peace. The cannon anchor the olive branches and stand at the center of their existence ready to protect the peace from those who do not respect it. PBR is dedicated to serving those strong men and women who wish to ensure peace in their life through careful preparation and vigilience.