Value Line - 380Auto 100gr TMJ

Price: $22.30

Brass Type: Fired
Caliber: 380 Auto
Bullet Weight: 100 grains
Bullet Style: Full Metal Jacket
Test Guns: Ruger LCP (2.75") / Taurus PT-138 (3.25")
FPS: 749.4 / 789.6
Power Factor: 71.2 / 75.0
Box Quantity: 100

This ammunition is manufactured by PBR using fully processed, fired brass, a fully encapsulated, heavy duty plated bullet, new production OEM powder and primers on commercial class loading machines. Powder choice and charge are optimized to provide the ideal balance between recoil and velocity while at the same time providing an extremely clean burn to minimize post-range cleanup time. The bullet used in this ammunition has a hard, high quality swaged lead core and a thick plating layer completely enclosing it that will not separate even at high velocities. Each bullet is struck multiple times during manufacturing to ensure it is perfectly shaped and results in a bullet without the wrinkles, waves, or aberrations found on lower quality, thinly plated, soft cored bullets. Combine those benefits with a competitive price and it is clear why this is Perfect Practice Ammunition™.

All cartridges are carefully inspected and then gaged to ensure that they are within all dimensional specifications for the cartridge prior to being boxed. With PBR's stringent quality control, you can be confident that every round of ammunition will function flawlessly in your firearm.

This ammunition is also called 380 Automatic Colt Pistol (380ACP), 9mm Browning, 9mm Browning Short, 9mm Browning Kurz, 9mm Corto, 9mm Kurz, 9mm Short, and 9x17mm but it is not the same as 9x18mm Makarov.

Priced per 100 round box.