Transferring a Firearm Through PBR

Federal law requires that certain firearm transfers be handled by a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL). The most common transaction requiring transfer through an FFL is when a non-licensee (individual) purchases a firearm (handgun or long gun) from a seller that is outside their state of residence. For reference, to all situations requiring a licensee to transfer a firearm please see 18 U.S.C., Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 44 – Firearms, §922

The transfer process is straight forward and involves a well-defined set of steps for you as the transferee

  • You send us the seller's and your contact information (form at bottom of page)
  • PBR will forward a file copy of our FFL directly to the seller for their records
  • Complete the transaction with the seller and ask them to include your contact information with your shipment
  • The seller will verify our FFL using the EZ-Check system and then ship the firearm to us
  • Upon receipt of the firearm, PBR will log it and call to setup an appointment to transfer the firearm to you
  • At your appointment you will fill out a Form 4473 and perform a NICs check if necessary

Please keep in mind that you must possess a valid government identification document (typically a driver’s license) to complete the 4473. To waive the NICS background check, you must possess a valid Concealed Handgun License (CHL) issued by the State of Texas in addition to your identification document. The Form 4473 is available on the BATFE website for reference; please see pages 3-5 for transferee instructions. Do NOT print and fill out the form before arriving for your appointment, we will provide a form at the transfer.

We currently schedule appointments to transfer firearms Monday through Friday between the hours of 10AM and 4pm. We will work with customers on an individual basis for extenuating circumstances but due to our manufacturing schedule we ask that you consider another FFL if those times are not compatible with your schedule. Please do not just show up at our premises because you saw your firearm was delivered a few minutes earlier, we do not process transfers without an appointment to ensure we have time to properly log the firearm into our books before transferring it.

Below is a list of questions and policies that we have instituted to ensure that transfers are processed smoothly and to the satisfaction of our customers.

  • Transfers that require a NICS check cost $15, NICS-exempt transfers cost $10, both prices include sales tax
  • If more than one firearm (handgun, long gun, receiver, or frame) is transferred at a time then each additional firearm adds $5 to the total and if a multiple disposition form is required it adds $10 to the total
  • Transfer fees are not refundable even if you are denied by NICS
  • PBR does not offer any legal advice on your purchase, please consult your counsel, the Texas Penal Code, or any other laws that may apply to your specific situation
  • PBR does not use fax to provide our FFL to sellers since the BATFE approved the use of email to send file copies between FFLs
  • PBR does not send a copy of our FFL to anyone but the seller of the firearm or for any reason other than to fulfill our obligations under Federal law
  • Please ask the seller to include your contact information with shipment so we do not receive a box with a gun and absolutely no paperwork with it
  • We log every firearm by the serial number on the weapon and unless you specifically request to be present, we will open the packaging to log the weapon’s serial number upon receipt
  • If your gun's box is too tall for our safe, we will carefully rack it in the safe as received and provide the box to you when you pick up the weapon unless specifically requested otherwise
  • We are a manufacturer, not a retail shop, please ensure your required level of service is compatible with what we are able to offer at our price point

Some examples of how to calculate the price for your transfer taking into account the requirement for a multiple disposition form (MDF) for handguns. Any time two or more handguns are transferred within a 5 day period we must file the report and it adds $10 to the cost to account for the additional time to log it. Each additional firearm adds $5 to the price of the transfer.

Simple Cases

  • Transferring 1 firearm of any type, no CHL = $15
  • Transferring 1 firearm of any type, with a CHL = $10

Handgun Cases (MDF required)

  • Transferring 2 handguns, no CHL = $30 ($15 + $5 + $10)
  • Transferring 2 handguns, with a CHL = $25 ($10 + $5 + $10)
  • Transferring 4 handguns, no CHL = $40 ($15 + $5 * 3 + $10)
  • Transferring 4 handguns, with a CHL = $35 ($10 + $5 * 3 + $10)

Complex Cases (MDF may be required)

  • Transferring 4 non-handgun firearms, with CHL = $25 ($10 + $5 * 3)
  • Transferring 1 handgun and 3 non-handgun firearm, with CHL = $25 ($10 + $5 * 3)
  • Transferring 2 handguns and 2 non-handgun firearms, no CHL = $40 ($15 + $5 * 3 + $10)
  • Transferring 4 handguns and 4 non-handgun firearms, no CHL = $60 ($15 + $5 * 7 + $10)

When requesting a transfer from us, please use the following template to email us the critical information we need to process your transfer.

Seller's Name:
Seller Phone Number:
Seller's Email Address:
Order or Auction Number:
Firearm Model:

Your Name:
Your Phone Number: