Simulated Defense Notes

Those who rely on a weapon to protect their life and property, whether for self-defense or duty use, have an obligation to be proficient in its use. Part of fulfilling that obligation is engaging in regular practice to ensure that the perishable skill of shooting is constantly being improved or at least maintained. While most people who shoulder this responsibility practice regularly, many times they go to the range, remove the magazine from their weapon, empty out their pricey defensive ammunition, and then proceed to practice with much less expensive ammunition that is vastly different in performance.

While small, light pistols may be easy to carry, they are not easy to shoot. Firing a +P or +P+ loading through them strains even the best recoil and trigger control in a way that ammunition designed for casual range shooting does not. How can an individual who carries a 2.5” 357 Magnum for self-defense possibly work on their shooting skills if they exchange their top of the line carry round with a cheaper, but comparatively feeble, 38 Special round? Will that individual be able to control that pocket rocket if an entire cylinder of full-power 357 Magnum rounds is needed to neutralize a threat? How do those who use an autoloader know with absolute certainty that the weapon which may save their life one day reliably feeds a hollow point bullet if they only shoot full metal jacket bullets with a smooth and forgiving ogive?

Those questions highlight a significant dilemma facing serious shooters, how can one afford to practice enough to perfect their skills and test their weapon system with premium defensive ammunition that costs well over three times as much per round as normal range ammunition? Parabellum Research (PBR) understands this dilemma and has the solution, the Simulated Defense loadings of our Perfect Practice Ammunition™ Line. Now, practicing with high quality, full-power ammunition no longer means the undesirable choice of shooting just one volley or spending a small fortune to practice.

The Simulated Defense loadings offered by PBR will deliver recoil and velocity on par with the finest defensive loadings from other major ammunition manufacturers, but do so at an extremely affordable price. The hollow point bullet utilized in the loading delivers fantastic accuracy and allows the user to ensure their semi-automatic weapon reliably feeds that style of bullet magazine after magazine at the range. The carefully engineered cartridge also allows the shooter to concentrate on improving their trigger and sight control under the full recoil potential of the cartridge.

Despite the excellent accuracy and outstanding ballistic performance of the Simulated Defense ammunition, it should not specifically be used for defensive or hunting purposes. While this, and all ammunition, can be fatal, there are differences that must be noted. The hollow point bullets used in the Simulated Defense loadings do not have a bonded jacket that is designed to control expansion of the bullet inside a target. Rather, when these bullets strike a target, they can shed their jacket quickly and will not provide the type of expansion required for optimum terminal performance. In addition, Parabellum Research does not use flash suppressed powders in every caliber it produces and the light signature can be more intense than ammunition using flash suppressed powders.

For these reasons we do not recommend that our Simulated Defense ammunition be used for defensive or hunting purposes.