Premium Line - 6.8SPC 130gr PSP

Price: $53.20

SKU: PP-6.8SPC-130-PSP
Brass Type: New
Caliber: 6.8mm SPC
Bullet Weight: 130 grains
Bullet Style: Pointed Soft Point
Test Guns: RRA LAR-6.8 (16.0")
FPS: 2413.0
Power Factor: 313.7
Box Quantity: 50

This ammunition is manufactured by PBR using brand new brass, a high-quality jacketed bullet, new production powder, and commercial class loading machines. The powder type and charge weight are carefully chosen to deliver outstanding ballistics for the caliber while the jacketed soft point bullet provides superb accuracy and excellent terminal performance on game animals appropriate for the caliber. This variant of Perfect Practice Ammunition™ won't let you down at the range or in the field, just put it on target and it will do the rest

All cartridges are carefully inspected and then gaged to ensure that they are within all dimensional specifications for the cartridge prior to being boxed. With PBR's stringent quality control, you can be confident that every round of ammunition will function flawlessly in your firearm.

This ammunition can be used in all rifles chambered for the 6.8mm SPC cartridge but for optimal performance we recommend this ammunition be used in firearms chambered according to the newer 6.8mm SPCII chamber specification

Priced per 50 round box.