PBR's Customer Brass Program

Customers who collect their brass after shooting can lower their ammunition costs by taking advantage of our Customer Brass Program. By supplying PBR with your brass (fired or new), the price of the ammunition is reduced appreciably since the casing constitutes a large portion of the cartridge cost. In addition, by maintaining title to that brass throughout our manufacturing process, the ammunition is exempt from the Firearm and Ammunition Excise Tax (FAET).

Due to the overhead associated with processing and keeping your brass distinct from our own supply of brass (required to be FAET exempt), we generally require an order of at least a case (typically 500 or 1000 rounds) to take advantage of this program. There is a lower minimum for larger calibers like 50AE or 500S&W Magnum. Each item will have its box quantity listed in the pricing sheet for reference, multiple that by 10 to get the minimum for this program.

Taking advantage of the program is simple and easy. First, sort your brass to cull out any steel, deformed, or off-caliber casings. Next, clean your brass to remove any dirt, debris, and to obtain the finish that you desire for the final product. Lastly, pack up your brass, put in a note with your name, contact information, and send it to us to be loaded. There is no need to deprime your casings and doing so will prevent our case processors from performing a crack check. In addition, if you are sending us rifle brass the price includes trimming it to the proper length before loading.

We recommend using USPS flat-rate mailers due to their low cost and convenience. However, their boxes are constructed from a thin cardboard and can split when loaded to their 70lb maximum. Therefore, we encourage you to tape the box liberally (especially the corners) and place your brass in a sturdy plastic bag(s) to contain the casings if the box splits during transit. When properly packed very, very few packages fall victim to loss or pilferage in transit.

Many customers ask if they need to count their casings before sending them to us. When we receive your brass we will provide a count of the brass using our counting scale. It takes only moments to calibrate the scale using a sample of your casings to get an exact count. Therefore, there is no need to spend the time to count your brass by hand. To estimate how many casings you have, you can weigh them on a bathroom scale and use the table in our pricing document to convert weight to casings.

Please note that the charges for this program are based on the number of casings we put into our line and any loss due to malformed casings, off-caliber casings, steel casings, or cases that do not pass our gage will not be credited to the customer. This policy exists to cover the increased overhead and damage that those issues can cause during production runs. In other words, if we have to pull out boxer-primed aluminum cases or 357Sig out of 40S&W during loading it slows us down, breaks parts, and costs money.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you send in quality, sorted brass to minimize the amount of loss during loading. Customers who take the time to prepare their brass typically have less than 2% fallout during processing and loading. In our experience, random range pickup can have a loss anywhere between 5-10% higher than well sorted brass. Certain headstamps, particularly foreign surplus, can have even higher losses since the casings sometimes do not size or prime properly.

Please take note, PBR will not put soiled brass into our production line. If you don’t have a tumbler to clean the brass, we can tumble it for a small, reasonable charge before we begin loading your brass. If brass is received that must be tumbled clean without prior notice, we will give the customer the option of paying the adder or paying to have the brass shipped back. This point is non-negotiable so please be honest about the condition of the brass you plan to send in.

Please contact us for more details if you are interested in this program and have any questions.