PBR's Custom Ammunition Program

Whether you don't have time to roll your own, object to paying the incredibly high prices charged by other manufacturers for uncommon calibers, or just can't find quality ammunition for your weapon, PBR's Custom Ammunition Program is for you. PBR is capable of loading almost any caliber that components are available for and is always happy to tailor a load to exactly what its customers want.

Custom means just that, we work with our customer to provide exactly the services they need. A customer could supply PBR with all the components, the exact settings they want for their ammunition, and simply ask that PBR use its proven process to manufacture their ammunition. Another customer may have all the components for their ammunition but not be sure of the exact settings they desire and want PBR to research, develop, provide ammunition for customer testing, and then produce the ammunition based on the customer's choice. A different customer may simply drop off their weapon with a sample cartridge and ask PBR to provide them an exact replica of their favorite, rare round.

No matter what your needs, PBR can help you get the ammunition you desire. Please contact us so that we can work with you to scope your project.