Pistol Powder Update

Powder Update

We have finally managed to get our hands on some pistol powder and are loading everything we can with it right now. Here is a list of the things that we are running right now and will be listing shortly.

Value and Premium Lines
9mm – 90gr RHVF, 115gr FMJ, 124gr FMJ, and 147gr FMJ
9mm +P – 115gr JHP and 147gr JHP
40S&W 155gr FMJ and 155gr JHP
45ACP 185gr FMJ and 200gr FMG
10mm 155gr FMJ
45Colt 255gr LSWC

Marshal and Deputy Lines

38Spl – 125gr LTCFP and 125gr LRNFP
357Mag – 125gr LTCFP and 125gr LRNFP
45Colt – 180gr RNFP, 200gr RNFP, 250gr RNFP

June Update

It has been a few months since we have published any new news and we would like to take this opportunity to update all of you on the status of the industry (from our point of view) and what is new at our company.

Customer Brass Program Changes

PBR has updated its Customer Brass Program (CBP) to better serve our customers who use it. The most important changes are in the way we list the pricing and how we handle a customer's brass.

PBR will be travelling 3/17 - 3/20

Our loading team will be travelling to Michigan to receive training on the first set of new machines we are receiving from Camdex. We will continue to process orders but responses may be slightly delayed and production will be idled until the load team returns.

The first set of machines will be a processor, trimmer, and loader for 223Rem/5.56mm. After receiving them we will have a completely automated solution from start to finish for that caliber. The increase in throughput will be significant given how labor intense processing 223 with our current solution is.

10mm Ammunition Comparison by David Sneed

David tests a number of 10mm loadings by different manufacturers with a large sampling of our offers. Our products start at 5:35 into the video if you'd like to skip to the good stuff.

We appreciate the feedback from all our customers and if you've reviewed our product on your website or blog, please let us know so that we can link to it.