300 AAC Blackout

Thanks to the great work of the guys over at Competitor Corporation we can now process 300BLK on our Camdex machinery. While customers have been asking us to produce Blackout for some time, we did not feel comfortable processing it on our automated 1050 trimmers due to the quality of the output. While many people are making Blackout brass on 1050s, we wanted to fully process it, not just form and trim it.

45ACP Production Changes

We are pleased to announce that after a very long wait, we have finally received and setup our new Camdex machines for 45ACP loading and processing. These machines are their 2100 series, which is similar to the 2200 series of rifle machines. These machines will feed our full catalog of bullets, including lead, allowing us to move all of our production to them.

The processor which checks for Berdan, cracks, deprimes, sizes, and then base sizes the casing

357Sig is Back!

Save 10% on our Value Line 357Sig in 125gr FMJ and 125gr JHP now with coupon code SIGSAVINGS through December 7th.

October Newsletter


To help keep our customers up to date with what is happening at PBR, we have decided to start publishing occasional updates to our customers via email. Our goal is to use these newsletters to let customers know about new products, special discounts, and any general updates they might find useful. This is the first newsletter and is being sent to all of our current customers. If you do not wish to receive these occasional updates, please see the instructions at the bottom of this email on how to unsubscribe from any future newsletters.

Component Supply

Fall Discount Coupons

The weather has finally changed in Texas and it is a good time to hit the range for some trigger time. To help with that, we have two coupon codes valid for the next week. For 5% off an order over $50 enter code PBRF201405P and for 10% off an order over $100 enter PBRF201410P at checkout. Happy shooting and enjoy the great fall weather.