Fall 2016 Update

Another fall has come and we’d like to give a brief update to our faithful customers. This year has been one of change for our company as we have focused much of our effort this year growing our presence at ranges in the Austin and Houston areas. By working with shooting ranges, we can reach more customers and offer them high quality, competitively priced ammunition at the shooting location. No more trips to Walmart or Academy and standing at the counter waiting for someone to unlock the ammo before heading to the range.

The program has been very successful for us, so much so that it has strained our ability to keep up with our full product line-up. That prompted us to take a hard look at the various ammunition configurations we have been offering and discontinue offerings that don’t generate enough sales to justify keeping them in stock. As we sell out remaining inventory on those items, they will be removed from our product catalog. While we want to provide customers with as many options as possible, it simply isn’t feasible for us at this point in time. In addition, we have halted the offering of any new calibers, like 300BLK, until we can reliably keep it in stock.

Another major change for us has been the change from traditional cup and core bullets (FMJs) to plated bullets (TMJs) for the majority of our offerings. Plated bullets have been available for some time but until recently we had not been able to obtain a bullet that was as accurate and consistent in quality as the FMJs we used. However, we have found a plated bullet manufacturer that has been able to deliver a consistent, accurate bullet with a thick, heavy duty plating that performs as well as any FMJ we have loaded at a much more competitive price. The lower price of the TMJ bullet has enabled us to offer our products to our customers at a better price point without sacrificing quality or performance. An added benefit of the TMJ bullets is that they are fully encapsulated with jacketing so that there is no exposed lead during firing which lowers the amount of airborne lead the shooter is exposed to.

We still offer a single FMJ bullet in each caliber for customers who prefer them over plated bullets and chose the most popular bullet weight for that single offering. For calibers, like 10mm or 357Sig, where velocity exceeds the ability of even the best plated bullets to perform reliably we still offer FMJ bullets. We will continue to load those calibers to their full potential as appropriate rather than download them to prevent jacket separation during firing. If you don’t see a plated bullet offered in a caliber, it is because we have been unable to obtain results consistent with our performance expectations.

While we have cutback the offerings we have, we have begun migrating calibers from our 1050 loaders to the Camdex machines to increase our output capacity. We now process and load 9mm, 357Sig, 40S&W, 10mm, 45ACP, 45GAP, and 223Remington on the Camdex machines. We will continue to work to move other calibers over as their volume increases and justifies the cost of adding that capacity to the Camdex machinery. Not only does moving those calibers over to our Camdex machines increase output capabilities but it also improves the quality of the ammunition as well.

In addition to putting our product on the shelves at ranges, we recently began supplying test ammunition to a great Texas firearm manufacturer, STI International. STI manufactures some of the finest weapons in the industry and are found in the hands of serious shooters and top ranked competitors in the shooting sports. We're proud that they have chosen to use our products to test their firearms for both functionality and accuracy before shipping them to their customers.

Lastly, we have begun looking for qualified individuals that could help us continue to grow as a company and meet our customer demand. If you know someone in the Austin /Buda/Kyle area with ammunition loading experience that may be looking for supplemental work, please have them contact us with their resume.