Fall 2015 Update

With summer almost over and fall fast approaching we would like to extend our thanks to all of our customers for their continued business throughout the year. It has been a long while since we published an update because we have been extremely busy expanding the dealer side of our business and handling an increase in contract loading work. To cope with the demand we have added four more Camdex machines to our floor and now are able to load and process 9mm, 40S&W, 45ACP, and 223Rem on dedicated machines. Much of our focus these past few months have been on integrating those machines into our workflow to meet our combined dealer, contract, and retail demand.

With the Camdex machines in place we will finally be able to bring more of our focus back to the lower volume calibers that have been difficult to keep in stock. While ammunition components are more readily available than they have been since the 2008 surge, OEM supplies for calibers other than the "Big 5" (9mm, 40S&W, 45ACP, 223Rem, and 308Win) are still hit or miss. We are working to keep as many of our offerings in calibers like 38Special, 357Magnum, 44Special in stock whenever possible. Some of our bullet backorders in those calibers are going on 3 to 4 years old now since manufacturers shifted much of their capacity away from lower volume offerings during the last few years.

In addition to working on our stock, we have finally begun to produce 300 AAC Blackout casings in volume. Our original trimming solution using our Camdex machine simply did not work due to overlap with our 223 trimming needs and the setup time to convert between the two calibers. With a request to convert hundreds of thousands of pieces for a customer, we invested in a simpler Super 1050 based system to complement the Camdex processor output. At a steady conversion and trim rate of 2000 casings per hour, the solution using a Forcht drive system solved our capacity issue, controlled chips better, and allowed us to size the neck of the newly trimmed casing before loading as well. Since the casings are already processed, the machine can run with a minimal amount of clutch force and stoppages are almost non-existent. Production of ammunition is next for us and we have finalized supersonic loadings in 150gr to 178gr bullets and supersonic loads in 168gr to 225gr bullets that we will be posting online soon.