Fall 2016 Update

Another fall has come and we’d like to give a brief update to our faithful customers. This year has been one of change for our company as we have focused much of our effort this year growing our presence at ranges in the Austin and Houston areas. By working with shooting ranges, we can reach more customers and offer them high quality, competitively priced ammunition at the shooting location. No more trips to Walmart or Academy and standing at the counter waiting for someone to unlock the ammo before heading to the range.

Fall 2016 Coupon Codes

Fall is here and it is time for our annual coupon codes.

  • For ammunition orders under $150, 5% off using: PBRF20165P
  • For ammunition orders over $150, 10% off using: PBRF201610P

These coupon codes are valid for orders over $50, available until the end of October, and can be used once per user.

Upcoming 300 AAC Blackout Loadings

For our initial production, we willbe introducing 300 AAC Blackout in our Value Line using converted 223 casings and 300BLK casings we have sourced from our brass streams. This initial introduction will include the following items in boxes of 50 rounds each.

Supersonic Loadings (16" Barrel Velocity)
PV-300BLK-150-FMJ (~2000FPS) - $28.10
PV-300BLK-168-BTHP (~1800FPS) - $33.40
PV-300BLK-178-BTHP (~1750FPS) - $33.60
PV-300BLK-208-AMAX (~1450FPS) - $33.80

Subsonic Loadings (16" Barrel Velocity ~1050FPS)
PV-300BLK_SUB-150-FMJ - $28.50
PV-300BLK_SUB-168-BTHP - $34.10

Fall 2015 Update

With summer almost over and fall fast approaching we would like to extend our thanks to all of our customers for their continued business throughout the year. It has been a long while since we published an update because we have been extremely busy expanding the dealer side of our business and handling an increase in contract loading work. To cope with the demand we have added four more Camdex machines to our floor and now are able to load and process 9mm, 40S&W, 45ACP, and 223Rem on dedicated machines.

Merry Christmas from PBR

All of us here at PBR would like to thank our customers for another great year and wish them a very enjoyable Christmas and happy new year. We will be closed from December 25th to January 2nd to take inventory and complete year end tasks.