Loading Process

Our loading process is the culmination of our staff's extensive experience in loading and engineering fields. Like other responsible manufacturers, PBR takes a proactive stance with regards to our manufacturing process and quality control. To that end, we maintain extensive documentation on our loadings and procedures to ensure consistency and provide a quantitative means of analyzing our processes.

Each lot of ammunition we manufacture is entered into our custom designed database which links each component used to the distributor and manufacturer of that component for tracing purposes. To ensure consistency, we do not mix component lots during a production run, every new lot is tested extensively to ensure it still meets our stringent baseline standards, and the lot code is stamped on every box. The results from our testing are linked to the ammunition lot and stored in our database for historical and statistical reference.

In addition, PBR uses top-quality commercial loading loaders that were purchased new and are maintained to exacting standards. PBR does not use consumer or hobbyist machinery in our process. Unlike some manufacturers similar in size and price range, PBR maintains caliber-dedicated machines to eliminate setup and down time between calibers. Not only does this reduce costs by eliminating a component of production time, it greatly enhances consistency since calibrations are maintained between lots.

The commitment to quality does not end when the rounds leave our loading equipment. PBR samples its product randomly throughout a run to verify that physical specifications are being achieved and that sample group is then fired through a variety of firearms to insure it meets performance and reliabilty standards. PBR goes beyond that by gaging every single round that leaves our facility. Access to advanced CNC machining equipment has allowed us to create our own custom gaging tools that are cut to the SAAMI minimum cartridge tolerance, which holds our rounds to a more exacting standard than many other commercially available gages. Our disciplined approach ensures that all ammunition with the PBR logo will perform at the highest level.