Price: $15.20

Brass Type: Fired
Caliber: 357 Magnum
Bullet Weight: 158 grains
Bullet Style: Lead Semi-Wadcutter
Test Guns: S&W M686 (6.5") / Taurus M608 (8.375")
FPS: 1127.2 / 178.1
Power Factor: 178.1 / 180.0
Box Quantity: 50

This ammunition is manufactured by PBR using fully processed, fired brass, a premium cast lead bullet, new production OEM powder and primers on commercial class loading machines. This Perfect Cowboy Ammunition™ loading is for shooters who prefer ammunition loaded with lead bullets for general practice and target shooting. The bullet used has a hardness based on the velocity of this specific loading so it provides the best performance possible and in conjunction with a premium lubricant it minimizes leading as well. Combined with a clean burning powder and primer, these cartridges deliver excellent performance and accuracy.

All cartridges are carefully inspected and then gaged to ensure that they are within all dimensional specifications for the cartridge prior to being boxed. With PBR's stringent quality control, you can be confident that every round of ammunition will function flawlessly in your firearm.

Priced per 50 round box.