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General Questions

If you have a question, please check our FAQ Page to see if it is answered there first. If not, then please send your question to us via email using the form below and make sure to include a valid contact number or email address so that we can respond. Note, if you send us a question already answered in our FAQ page, we are going to reply with a form email telling you to go read our FAQ page. If that will offend you, then we apologize in advance and would like to let you know that the level of service you require is incompatible with our business model at this point in time but we appreciate your interest in our company. We make every attempt to reply to feedback the same day we receive it but sometimes responses may take 1-2 business days.


Please place any orders using our online catalog as it is the most efficient way to get an order to us. If an item is out of stock it generally takes 2-3 weeks for us to bring it back and we will update the website as soon as we have it ready to sell. It is possible to get an automated email when an item comes back in stock by using the "Notify when back in stock" button shown for out of stock items.

FFL Requests

Once you have completed the transaction with the seller of your firearm, simply send us your contact information, their email address using the form below, and we will send them a copy of our FFL. See our transfer FAQ entry or our transfer example page for more information on the firearm transfer services we offer.

Submitting an ID

If you have placed an order, please send a copy of a valid ID to us at This only needs to be done once, we will notate your account and you will not have to send it to us ever again.

Physical Address

If you wish to pick-up your order locally or use our transfer services our physical address is as follows:

Parabellum Research, LLC
396 Millennium Drive
Kyle, Texas 78640

Currently most mapping software will not find our address but it can be found using this Google Maps link or the GPS coordinates (30.029193,-97.770465) of our building in the the Millennium Business Park. The nearest mappable point is 5900 Niederwald Strasse Road where it (FM-2001) meets Williamson Road (FM 120).

Pick-ups and transfers are by appointment only, please make arrangements before driving out.

Telephone Number

Before contacting us via telephone, please understand that we do NOT have a full time secretary and our employees do NOT answer the phone when we are running the machinery or gaging ammunition. That means that 95% of the time you will be connected to voicemail that is checked only twice at set times during the day. We will return any messages left but only during those small windows when we are not running production, which means that email is generally a faster, more efficient, and better way to contact us.

While this may be inconvenient, we are a small shop and not hiring a full-time secretary allows us to keep our overhead and prices as low as possible. Please check prices, stock, shipping cost, and ballistic information using our product catalog instead of calling to ask us because we will politely tell you to go online to our website to get that information.

We are not trying to be rude but rather we are doing our best as a small business to focus on making the best ammunition possible at the most competitive price. Reading off information that is available on our website over the phone is not the way to do that. If you need that level of service to make a purchase then we recommend contacting a larger company that can provide that for you.

If you understand the preceding and would like to contact us via telephone then please call (512) 668-4351.

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