Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of common questions and answers here. If your question is still not answered after reviewing this list, please don't hesitate to contact us directly for an answer.


Non-Product entry

Not in our PRemium or Value lines that are geared toward the practice market. Some of our loads do feature hollow points but those loads are not comparable in terminal performance to purpose-built defensive ammunition utilizing hollow points such as Remington's Golden Sabre or Winchester's Ranger Talon.

Yes, we do offer ammunition using a frangible bullet and can manufacture a complete lead-free cartridge if required. The latter is not currently a standard offering from our company but can be produced on request at very competitive rates. Please contact us for details.

Our Customer Brass program is simple. You send us your brass, tell us the load you would like to have, we’ll load it, and ship it back to you. By sending us your brass we can lower the price of your ammunition since we do not have to collect the FAET and you’ve avoided paying for the most expensive component of a cartridge, the brass casing. We charge by the number of casings you send us so we advise customers to sort their brass to remove off-calibers, remove any steel casings, cull deformed cartridges, and ensure it is clean of dirt and debris.

More information is available here.

While we strive to make our Value Line casings as clean as possible, due to the fact that the brass has been shot in a non-production setting it may have some stains on it. Small discoloration or cosmetic blemishes in no way affects the performance of the ammunition and it can safely be fired without concern.

We source our components from several different manufacturers and therefore the stock photo shown on the website may not represent the exact components we used in the lot of ammunition you received. Our goal is to have photos that are representative of the configuration that we most commonly use in production. Rest assured, we have tested every component that we use in production and only use those that have proven reliable, accurate, and able to meet our performance standards.

The only difference is that the brass casing for the Value Line has been fired once before and must processed to return it to SAAMI specifications. All other components are brand new, the loading process is exactly the same as new ammunition, and it must pass the same quality control checks as new ammunition. The significant savings from reusing the brass casing are passed onto you, which means you can shoot more for less.

If the defining characteristic of "factory" ammunition is that it came out of a factory, then every product made by PBR (a licensed manufacturer of ammunition operating an ammunition manufacturing facility) is "factory" ammunition. While our factory is not as large as those operated by bigger players in the ammunition business it is still filled with commercial grade machinery, staffed by highly trained operators, and run based on solid engineering principles. Some people refer to ammunition using new cases as "factory" and once-fired casings as "non-factory" when the processes and machinery used to produce them is identical.

When we analyzed the cost of packaging, two things bothered us. First the cost of the Styrofoam inserts and second that they simply end up in the trash. Our custom box allows us to pack 100 rounds in tightly to prevent shifting, minimize the waste (they hold small parts very well), and keep our costs down. As we add more calibers to our line-up we'll produce different size boxes which minimize the use of the spacers we currently employ. We're not trying to save the earth, just save you some of your hard earned green.

Our hollowpoint loadings are engineered to provide a shooting experience similar to the premium self-defense ammunition on the market today. This allows our customers to practice their recoil control with a stronger round, ensure that their weapon feeds hollowpoints flawlessly in a practice environment, and enjoy the superb accuracy a hollowpoint delivers. With our JHP offerings it is possible shoot more than a single magazine during a practice session without breaking the bank.

In all but the most extreme cases, our ammunition should be capable of cycling any standard production weapon. Our ammunition is carefully developed to ensure functionality at lower recoil levels conducive to practice but there are always exceptions. Weapons with unusually heavy slides or springs may not cycle reliably with our ammunition. In addition, weapons that are not properly lubricated according to the manufacturer's recommendation may have too much friction for our ammunition to overcome. Lastly, weapon systems using a suppressor that requires a recoil booster to cycle reliably will continue to require the booster using our ammunition.

If you have issues with cycling, please contact us.

We are working to expand our caliber offering each quarter. Please contact us and let us know what calibers you desire and as we get enough demand we will expand our offering to include the calibers with the highest interest first.

General Information

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Absolutely. Like all responsible manufacturers we carry liability insurance just in case the unthinkable happens with our product. Just like you don't carry automotive liability insurance so you can go drive like you were in a destruction derby, PBR doesn't carry insurance so we can sell defective products. Our manufacturing process is solid and we are always working on continuous improvements to our process so that it only gets better. One of our top goals as a manufacturer is to never have to call our insurance agent to file a claim.

You can shop at with confidence. We have partnered with Authorize.Net, a leading payment gateway since 1996, to accept credit cards and electronic check payments safely and securely for our customers.

The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway manages the complex routing of sensitive customer information through the electronic check and credit card processing networks. See an online payments diagram to see how it works.

The company adheres to strict industry standards for payment processing, including:

  • 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for secure Internet Protocol (IP) transactions.
  • Industry leading encryption hardware and software methods and security protocols to protect customer information.
  • Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

For additional information regarding the privacy of your sensitive cardholder data, please read the Authorize.Net Privacy Policy. is registered with the Authorize.Net Verified Merchant Seal program.

Unfortunately, we no longer allow customers to place an order on the website for our Customer Brass Program items. The main reason is because we cannot accurately charge a customer before we have a count of the brass that is to be loaded. To simplify the process and ensure a customer pays for exactly what they send in, we only take these orders via phone or email. While inconvenient for our experienced customers, it also allows us to make sure that new customers are completely familiar with what they are purchasing so there are no surprises.

To place an order please contact us directly.

PBR is licensed by the BATFE to manufacture ammunition and hold a Type 07 FFL. While holding an FFL does not ensure that the manufacturer adheres to any industry standards, it does indicate that the holder of the license is truly in the business of manufacturing ammunition rather than being a weekend warrior playing at being a business. PBR is incorporated in the State of Texas and is an LLC in good standing with the State.

Yes, as an 07FFL Parabellum Research can help you with your firearm transfer. We charge $15 if your transfer requires a NICS check and $10 if it does not. Please note that we do NOT provide any legal advice on your purchase and will refer you to the Texas Penal Code and United States Code dealing with weapons to help you find your answer. Know the law before you purchase a firearm as we will not transfer or receive a firearm in violation of any law and our fees are not refundable if you are denied by the NICS background check. Please read our full FFL transfer policy page before initiating a transfer to us.

The process is simple and requires very little from you. Once you have purchased your firearm the dealer or seller will ask who your FFL is for the transfer. At that point, you can inform them that you are using Parabellum Research, LLC. If they have a copy of our FFL on-hand, then they will ship the weapon to us. If not, simply send us their email address so we can provide a copy of our FFL, and what you purchased so we know who to contact when it arrives.

Once we receive the shipment we will contact you to setup a time to process the transfer. It takes ~15-20 minutes for a transfer involving a NICS check and ~5-10 minutes if the transfer does not. You can check the validity of PBR's FFL using the BATFE's FFL EZ-Check system and inputting our FFL number: 5-74-05514

Non-Standard Loads

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We can make custom ammunition runs to your specification but would require a minimum volume to setup and execute our production process. Contact us if you are interested to see if we can meet our needs

More information is available here.

We can produce our standard loads using your components if you desire. Please keep in mind that we test every load and will need to sample the lot to ensure it meets our specifications. If you desire a custom load, we could do that as long as your request does not violate SAAMI specifications and your volume is sufficient to support our setup. Contact us with your needs to see if we can fill your needs.

More information is available here.

We are happy to work with you to provide you exactly what you want on all the calibers we produce. Please contact us to discuss pricing and options available to you.

More information is available here.


Non-Product entry

Since the condition of firearms and shooting practices are beyond our control, PBR does not offer any type of warranty, either express or implied. However, we do stand behind our product and if you experience issues with it, contact us so we can help resolve your issues.

PBR makes every attempt to keep our online store inventory as current as possible but makes no guarantee due to local (non-Internet) sales not being reflected in the inventory immediately. If the ammunition you order is out of stock, PBR will immediately notify you when your order is received, provide an estimated timeline for delivery, and give the customer the option of cancelling their order with a full refund. Final price will reflect the cost of components used to manufacture the ammunition and it may be different from the price when the order is placed.

Orders placed in error with PBR that have not yet been packaged for shipment can be cancelled but may be subject to a 5% administrative processing fee at PBR's discretion. Any order that has been packaged for shipment or scheduled for pick-up cannot be cancelled and can only be returned subject to PBR's return policy.

Cancellations are eligible for a refund of the purchase price minus any fees incurred by PBR including, but not limited to, credit card processing fees, shipping fees, special order fees, cancellation fees, and any other applicable fees. Refunds are subject to PBR's refund policy.

· If you purchased the wrong caliber we will gladly exchange any sealed ammunition for the correct caliber within 15 days of the purchase.

· We do not accept exchanges without the original receipt and we do not pay for any costs associated with returning the ammunition to us.

· Before mailing any ammunition for an exchange, please contact us for an RMA, shipments without an RMA will be refused.

· Since we have no control of our product after it leaves our facility, we do not take exchanges on ammunition not purchased directly from PBR.

PBR accepts cash, including money orders and cashier's checks, and credit cards for payment. Credit cards will be validated and processed upon submission. Orders placed using a cash method will be valid for 10 business days and cancelled if payment is not received by the end of the 10th day.

PBR makes every attempt to verify and keep all pricing current on the website but mistakes can and do happen. PBR will not honor any price posted in error and until PBR accepts and validates your order, no binding contract shall exist to provide goods to a customer.

In the case of a pricing error, PBR shall notify the customer and allow them to purchase the items at the correct price or cancel their order and receive a full refund of the order.

All refunds due to a customer shall be paid via company check. Non-cash payments, like personal checks or money orders, are subject to a minimum fifteen (15) business day clearing period before a refund check will be issued by PBR. Credit card payments will be refunded after the settlement of the charge by the credit processor but no sooner than five (5) business days from the original purchase regardless of settlement.

All refunds will be less any fees incurred by PBR including, but not limited to, restocking fees, credit card processing fees, banking fees, shipping fees, and any other applicable cost incurred by PBR while attempting to fulfill a customer's order.

· Due to the fungible nature of ammunition, PBR does not take returns of any ammunition after the box’s original seal has been broken.

· PBR does not take returns of any Value Line ammunition for purely cosmetic concerns that do not affect performance of the ammunition.

· All ammunition returned for functionality issues will have a sample deprocessed to validate its authenticity and will tested for proper operation in PBR’s test weapons

· Ammunition found in working condition by PBR will be subject to a 15% restocking fee

· Ammunition found to be flawed shall either be replaced by PBR with an equivalent ammunition or a refund for the ammunition's value will be issued at PBR's discretion.

· We do not accept returns without the original receipt and we do not pay for any costs associated with returning the ammunition to PBR.

· Before making a return, please contact us for an RMA, shipments without an RMA will be refused.

Items that are in stock are shipped as soon as the payment is processed and we receive proof of age. If an item is out of stock, PBR will notify the customer and give them the option of being placed on backorder for ammunition or cancelling their order.

For shipments where an address correction is required, the customer will be billed for all charges from the carrier. By providing shipping information to PBR with an order, the buyer is explicitly taking responsibility for its accuracy and agrees to pay all fees associated with corrections.

Our terms and conditions can be found here.


Non-Product entry

Like with surplus or steel cased ammunition, it is possible to find some brands of ammunition that are less expensive than ours. To lower costs, some manufacturers turn to surplus components, pull-downs, lower quality plated bullets, or even third party contract loaders to produce their ammunition. While this can certainly lower the price of ammunition, it isn’t necessarily conducive to producing the highest quality ammunition possible.

PBR manufacturers all of its ammunition in-house, which ensures we have complete control of our machinery and quality control processes. When you buy from PBR, you are actually buying ammunition from the people who make it, not some company who claims to be a manufacturer but doesn’t even own a loading machine. Instead of using plated bullets, we use high quality jacketed bullets that our testing has found to be more accurate and cleaner. Surplus and pull-down components, with their inherent variability, unsure origin, and unknown storage conditions never enter our facility.

Sure, you can pay less in some calibers by going with brand X and if all you want to do is launch lead down range at a higher speed than you can throw it then maybe that may work for you. However, when you want reliable, consistent, and accurate ammunition to take your practice or match shooting to the next level, we’re here for you.

On most calibers we can offer a volume discount when a customer purchases at least 10 cases (100 boxes) of a single item and at least 20 cases (200 boxes) on a multiple caliber order. Please contact us for a discount code to use with your order if you believe you fall into either of those categories.

Yes, our price includes the Federal Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax (FAET) and any applicable state and local sales taxes required by law are clearly stated on your invoice. Our price is inclusive with no hidden charges or outrageous shipping costs to cover for "low" product prices.

Yes, we offer discounts to law enforcement officers and military personnel on all their orders, personal or duty. Please furnish us with your credentials to receive a discount code for your order.

Yes, PBR has filed the necessary paperwork with the TTB to be able to provide tax-exempt sales to entities who qualify under the law. If your organization qualifies for an exemption under Title 27 CFR 53, please contact us before making a purchase.

Yes, please contact us to discuss stocking our product and a dealer price sheet.

Surplus ammunition can be lower priced than our ammunition precisely because it is surplus. PBR does not use any surplus components in its manufacturing and the quality of our ammunition reflects that choice. By choosing not to use surplus components, it can be difficult to compete on price, especially with cheaper quality foreign imports. However, PBR isn't trying to be the lowest price point in the rifle ammunition market. Rather it is our goal to provide the highest quality practice round at a reasonable price point when stacked up against a product of comparable quality. If you are happy "grouping" your surplus ammunition from Turdzakistan into a few inches, that is fine, but when you are ready to step it up our ammunition is waiting for you.

Simple, brass casings cost more than steel casings do. Since the brass casing is the majority of a cartridge's cost, it makes a big difference by switching to the cheaper steel. If you want high quality brass cased ammunition at steel prices, consider utilizing our Brass Exchange Program.


Non-Product entry

While it is uncommon, it is possible for a misfire to occur when shooting. The problem could be with the primer or the gun, but the important thing to remember is NOT to attempt to chamber another round for firing. If a small retort, or no retort at all, is observed, keep the gun pointed in a safe direction for a reasonable amount of time to ensure a hang-fire has not occurred.

Then, carefully, unload the round minimizing exposure to it. Check the bore for obstructions and ensure the firearm is functioning properly before trying to fire another round. Do NOT attempt to remove a bore obstruction by firing another cartridge in the weapon. When in doubt, please stop shooting and contact us.

Depending on the type of failure, the problem may not be with the ammunition. First ensure that the feed ramp is clean, that your magazines are in good condition, and that the firearm is properly lubricated. Ejection issues, such as stove piping, are generally associated with grip issues but if you have a long slide gun, greater than 5" or choose to run your weapon dry, our ammunition may not completely cycle the slide if the recoil spring is strong. If you continue to have problems, please contact us so that we can help you.

PBR does its part to minimize the risk of this occurring by sourcing once-fired brass to minimize the stress the brass has undergone and ensuring all our loadings are well within the SAAMI specifications for pressure. Even at low pressure, fatigued or improperly manufactured brass in a loose chamber can result in head failure and gas release into the weapon. Since PBR has no control over the condition of your weapon but we recommend that if a user is concerned that they purchase a barrel with better case head support than is offered by their current weapon after testing for inadequate case head support. Barrels with better support than that some OEM barrels are offered by manufactures like KKM, Storm Lake, Jarvis, and others. Note that a case head failure is distinct from a failure due to overpressure due to careless loading techniques, such as a double charge of powder.

All of our loads are within SAAMI specifications and are tested in our custom SAAMI minimum chamber gage. If your chamber meets the SAAMI specs, then our ammunition will chamber. If you are having problems, contact us so that we can help you.

Reloads or Remanufactured Ammunition

Non-Product entry

Yes, despite our strict processing regimen to remove defective casings it is still possible for a casing that has metallurgical issues to fail on its second use. Before selling any lot of ammunition, no matter what type of casing used, PBR tests samples of the ammunition in standard production weapons to insure there are no systematic issues with the ammunition. Despite that sampling, it is impossible for PBR to guarantee that every casing made by every casing supplier in the industry was properly manufactured. While the risk of a case failure is low, it is a reality for all ammunition whether the casing is once-fired or brand new.

We have a stable of Glocks used for testing every lot of ammunition that we produce for feed, function, and performance. As a manufacturer involved in constant test and development we fire more rounds of ammunition than your average enthusiast and the laws of statistics favor us finding problems. Some Glock models have generous chambers to improve feeding that leave a portion of the case head unsupported, such as the Model 21 in 45ACP. This can be verified by taking a barrel, placing a round in it, marking the portion left exposed above the feed ramp, and cross-sectioning it to show the unsupported area. The lack of support can lead to case head failure and the release of gas into the action and magazine area of the weapon. This condition is exacerbated by brittle brass (repeated reforming or improper heat treatment) and can happen for both low pressure cartridges like the 45ACP and higher pressure cartridges like the 40S&W. This phenomenon can occur ammunition manufactured with new brass and once-fired brass, so the user in urged to ensure that their barrel supports the case head all the way to the extractor groove above the feed ramp.

To process fired brass casings, PBR utilizes industry standard Scharch equipment. The first part of processing is to inspect the brass using an auto-reamer. Brass casings fed into the machine go through a variety of steps to find and reject cases unfit to be loaded. At the first station, the case is probed to find any foreign obstructions hiding inside like rocks, dirt, or even spent primers. Next, the cases are checked for cracks using air pressure and any case that will not hold pressure will be rejected by the machine. After that the casing is deprimed and then primer pocket is probed for ringers or Berdan primers, both of which are rejected. If the case has passed every inspection up until now, it will have its primer pocket reamed to remove any crimp present and to ensure a consistent pocket opening. Before exiting the machine, the primer pocket is probed again to ensure any crimp was fully removed.

From the auto-reamer, cases are directly fed into a roll-sizer. The roll-sizer feeds the cases into a rotating wheel that sizes the base of the cartridge to the proper SAAMI spec. The roll-sizing reaches all the way down to the rim of the case where normal press mounted sizing dies can’t reach. In this manner, any bulges that might cause a casing to not to chamber can be removed.

After being roll-sized, calibers that require trimming are full-length sized and trimmed to length using a dedicated trimming fixture and a high-speed carbide cutter. Lastly, the casings are polished clean and inspected before being turned into our high quality Value Line offering.

Except for the processing of the brass before loading, the loading process is identical between our Premium and Value Lines. Remember millions of rounds of ammunition are manufactured using once-fired brass by commercial manufacturers and are shot every year without an issue.

Most people not employed in a manufacturing industry don't realize that almost every product that has a reliability specification has been "once-fired", so to speak, before the consumer receives it. The monitor you are viewing this page on and the CPU running your computer were both subject to failure testing, known in the industry as burn-in or accelerated testing, before they were shipped. When you stop and analyze the situation from an engineering point of view, a strong case can be made that a standard once-fired brass casing is as safe as a brand-new case since it has already passed its first pressure test without failing. Do you really know if that new casing has a void in the case head, if its walls are thick enough to hold the working pressure, or that it has a flash hole? With once-fired brass it has either been fired and survived or it did not. We don't use casings that fall into the latter category.

You wouldn't throw away your car every time you refuel it so why would you throw away perfectly good brass because its been fired once? Almost all brass casings can be successfully loaded more than once and most pistol brass can be used successfully for a score of loadings without failing. The "reloads" that you hear about blowing up guns are produced by hobbyists who aren't following industry standards or using a safe manufacturing acumen. There are idiots in every facet of life, don't let the stupidity of a few confuse you with the ammunition produced by a knowledgeable commercial manufacturer like PBR.

The term "reload" is generally used as a pejorative by people who aren't very knowledgeable about ammunition manufacturing. They heard about some guy from another guy who blew up his gun shooting some other guy's "reloads", saw a picture of a destroyed gun, or watched some yokel on YouTube violate firearm safety rules. The classic is some "expert" trying time after time to stuff a round in the chamber of his weapon after an obvious squib and then, surprise, he puts a bullet right into another bullet and ruptures his barrel. However, you won't find a video featuring ammunition from reputable commercial manufacturers blowing up a gun for the same reason you won't find videos of people being poisoned by commercial food manufacturers, it would put the manufacturer out of business. PBR is not some careless hobbyist loading haphazardly like a mad scientist, we have a well established manufacturing process so you can be assured that all our rounds meet every applicable industry standard.

One needs only spend 5 minutes reading about “reloads” or “remanufactured” ammunition on a gun forum to understand why people are confused about the quality and safety of ammunition using a once-fired casing. Due to the amount of misinformation about the quality of "reloads" or "remanufactured" ammunition, we choose not to use those terms when discussing our Value Line ammunition because many people confuse the imprudent handloader who blew up his revolver using an unproven, untested, and unsafe powder charge with a licensed manufacturer such as PBR. We always forthright and honest with our customers when it comes to our Value Line products, we use once-fired casings in their manufacture. We also conduct extensive testing of our ammunition far beyond what any recreational handloader can conduct to ensure its safety because our business depends on it.

We are aware that many weapon manuals specifically single out ammunition using a once-fired case as unsuitable for use in their firearm. Typically, the verbiage indicates that it will void the warranty of the weapon. Certain manufacturers employ generous tolerances to improve their weapon function and those tolerances could lead to case failure with repeated firing of the brass. That is why PBR uses once-fired brass and urges firearm owners to use a barrel with a fully supported chamber. Companies such as KKM and BarSto have proven it is possible to have both reliable feeding of all types of ammunition while supporting the round fully when it is chambered. While we stand behind our Value Line product and the manufacturing process employed to create it, ultimately, the choice is yours.


Non-Product entry

Yes, please choose the pick-up option and contact us to setup a pickup time.

Yes, you can pickup ammunition ordered through our website. To do so, choose the "Local Pickup" option for shipping when you order. Please note that it is only available to Texas residents.

Please read our local pickup policies before choosing the local pickup option during checkout to make sure you understand how pickup works.

No, not at this time. While we would like to serve those markets, we currently do not have the required training to package and certify shipments per CFR 49 requirements. If you have a freight forwarding service that you personally use, we can ship your package to them for you. Please contact us with any questions before placing an order.

Ammunition is classified as ORM-D (Other Regulated Material, Domestic) and must be shipped via a common carrier such as Fed-Ex or UPS. We cannot ship ammunition to Alaska or Hawaii.

We do not use shipping charges to inflate our item prices as checkout. The shipping quote is exactly what we are charged by the carrier to ship your package and comes directly from their system.

An example of the costs to ship ammunition depending on quantity and explanation on how to use the Fed-Ex rate calculator are available.

Fed-Ex offers us a volume discount on rates that we pass onto our customers. We have asked UPS to match their rate so we can offer our customers comparable prices on both services but as of now they have not done so.

Simple, on light packages over half the cost of shipping is fees. Those fees are the same if you ship 5lbs or 60lbs and that is what drives the cost. For example, it can cost $18 to ship a small package weighing 5lbs and $28 to ship a large package weighing 50lbs to the same zipcode.

The difference is that the $10 in fees (residential fee, DASI fee, fuel surcharge, declared value fee, pick-up fee, and signature fee) don't increase for the larger package, just the base rate. The best rate will always come from maximizing your order volume to minimize the percentage of cost that comes from fees.

For a detailed example please see this page.

When comparing the rate returned by our quote system to a carrier's web calculator, please remember that you must include scheduling a pick-up, declaring the full item value, choosing a residential delivery, and choose the signature option.

A detailed example of how to use the Fed-Ex rate calculator is here