9x19mm Processed Pistol Brass

Price: $80.00

Brass Type: Processed
Caliber: 9x19mm
Quantity: 20lbs
Count: ~2360 pieces

Twenty (20) pounds of processed, cleaned 9x19mm fired brass. The brass comes from commercial shooting ranges, is mixed headstamp, and may contain a small percentage of nickel casings. It has been processed on a Camdex machine which crack checks, deprimes, checks for ringers, full-length sizes, swages the primer pocket, and then base sizes each casing.After processing, the casings are cleaned in an industrial vibratory finisher with a chemical compound and dried in corncob. Our cleaning process will remove most carbon and staining from the inside of the casing and bring the outside to a brilliant shine.

The brass is packaged by weight in a medium USPS flat rate mailer for the best shipping price and includes insurance in the shipping cost ($16.80) to protect your purchase. There are approximately 118 processed 9x19mm casings per pound, meaning each mailer will contain about 2360 cartridge casings. Due to the variation in individual casing weight, the number of casings will vary but there will be exactly 20lbs of brass in the mailer.

We use this brass to manufacture our Perfect Practice Ammunition™ - Value Line and find that the number of casings that should not be loaded due to defects that the case processor does not identify, like a slightly marred extractor groove or cosmetic blemish the cleaning process cannot fully remove, are at less than 0.1% on average. Do not confuse the quality of these casings with brass that has been "processed" on a normal loading press like the Dillon 1050 that cannot check for cracks, ringers, delivers a mediocre pocket swage, and cannot size the entire base area of the casing. There are no impossible to prime NT cases or guppies in this brass.

During shipping, rough handling by the Post Office may result in some casings being deformed at the mouth but running them through a mouth expander to flare the mouth before bullet seating will correct that issue if it occurs. To be clear, the brass is measured by weight, not volume or count, and the exact number of casings will vary in each mailer based on the mix of headstamps in it.

Due to software limitations, we cannot separate ammunition (which must ship common carrier) and loading supplies (which can ship USPS) for the shipping quote. If you want to ship this USPS, then please order only loading supplies otherwise our cart will return FedEx rates for the whole order.