Welcome to Parabellum Research

Parabellum Research (PBR) is a family owned and operated small arms ammunition manufacturer located in Central Texas. Our products are designed to provide the best possible performance for a variety of shooting applications. Shooters can choose from ammunition tailored to many different purposes such as everyday range practice, target shooting, practical shooting competitions, cowboy action sports, self-defense, training courses, hunting, varminting, and even long-range rifle matches. Parabellum Research is proud to offer the firearms community Ammunition With a Purpose™, just browse our catalog to find ammunition that is right for your needs.

The Perfect Practice Ammunition™ lines offer shooters consistent, clean, and reliable practice and training ammunition at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. Cartridges are available with jacketed bullets, plated bullets, frangible bullets, and alloy bullets to meet every need in both our Premium Line and Value Line. Don't settle for ammo cobbled together from the cheapest, lowest quality components with the sole selling point that it supposedly goes "bang" every time while it prints everywhere but where you were aiming.

Lead bullets are the exclusive domain of our Perfect Cowboy Ammunition™ which is made to meet the needs of competitors and shooters who prefer hard cast bullets. This line ranges from low-recoil cowboy action sport loads, to perfect paper-punching target wadcutters, to fire-breathing .500 S&W Magnum hunting loads. If it's lead, it will be in the Marshal Line or Deputy Line in both semi-automatic and revolver chamberings.